Gregg Perkins - Cannon Falls, 2010
b/w 16 mm

Cannon Falls (2010) depicts a Midwestern family—including singer/songwriter Wendy Lewis, head Pachyderm audio engineer Brent Sigmeth, and their daughters Hannah and Kitty—recording a song at Pachyderm Studio in Cannon Falls, Minnesota. The narrative is primarily centered on the recording of Wendy Lewis’ song entitled “This Night,” but the film is as much a meditation on the city of Cannon Falls, Pachyderm studio as a historic recording venue, and the Midwestern landscape in which the studio is located. Screenings: 2011: Dallas Video Festival, Dallas, TX 2010: Sound Unseen Festival, Duluth MN, Trylon Theater, Minneapolis MN, Wisconsin Film Festival, Madison, WI, Sarasota Film Festival, Sarasota, FL

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