Sunshine City @ The St Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts

February 10 - May 27, 2018

For his Spotlight exhibition, Perkins took inspiration from a 1930s postcard titled Sunshine City by E.G. Barnhill (1894–1987), an American photographer known for his atmospheric, hand-painting technique. The postcard depicts the skyline of St. Petersburg from the vantage point of Vinoy Park, with the now-demolished Soreno Hotel standing at center. Perkins recreated and enlarged that photographic scene using a present-day view and digital technologies that mimic Barnhill’s vivid hand-painted elements. The updated version reflects the rapid development the city of St. Petersburg is undergoing, epitomized by the seemingly omnipresent towering cranes.

-Katherine Pill, curator, SPMFA

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Gregg Perkins, Sunshine City

Sunshine City, Digital Print, 2018

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